How I battled my way to fitness..

Published: Wed, 05/27/20


I was in constant battle when I started on my health journey! 

I used to have to force myself out to go for a run while I was doing my work to get myself healthy.

I would come home from work and get straight into my kit, make the monumental effort to avoid the sofa and then get out the door. I was exhausted before I even started!

My time window was small and my motivation was even all hung on a knife edge day by day by day!

REALLY gradually this became easier, I messed up many times and the sofa won often, however I rolled with the punches and got straight back on the 'wagon'.

I learnt that:

The wagon NEVER leaves your side...if you mess up, get straight back on it

As I had quit smoking, started running and cut back on sugar all at the same time every day I got it right I got stronger and really felt the difference.

Each success was like peeling another layer off the darkness I had fallen into. As each step was so obvious and made me feel better I wasn't going to give that up.

Sometimes it seemed like I was getting I took out a piece of paper and wrote down everything I HAD achieved

A strange thing happened...within a week or so the plateau 'broke' and I went down another belt hole or T Shirt size

Most quit just before they make it...I kept this as my mantra

We work hard in our jobs and get rewarded by salary and perks. However do you get rewarded equally to what you put in?

Some relationships we put in lots of effort only to be ignored or unappreciated (or so we think anyway!)?

Working hard in the gym, doing all you can to recover from an injury, or a focus on your nutrition will get a 100% return on your 'investment'.
Sometimes sets, reps, long runs, meal planning seems boring and hard work, however is this really true?

Being sick, tired, stiff and slow is really hard work!

NOT putting in the effort will have more negative effect on your mind and body than we realise later down the track.

Showing up and doing the work in whatever form of exercise has huge benefits to:

  • mindset
  • mood
  • mobility
  • muscle mass
  • flexibility
  • hormone balance
  • stamina
  • bone density
  • fat mass reduction
  • sleep quality
The PAIN of missing the chance to get improvements in the above should outweigh the (perceived) PLEASURE of staying on the sofa, in bed or going to the pub instead.

Paying really close attention and taking note of the benefits you gain from each work out brings your health, energy and strength to the top of your priorities.

Find PLEASURE in the results you get and be aware of how being bigger, weaker and slower than you know is PAINFUL.

We are primed to move away from PAIN towards PLEASURE
(good survival tactic right there!)

Frame this correctly and you are easily going to win the battle.

It is like spending heaps of energy paddling upstream then suddenly realising you want to go in the direction the stream is going anyway.

Turn around and go with the flow.

I can definitely do it.


James Chandler
Personal Trainer
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